Why Aren’t My Facebook Posts Showing Up On My Facebook Page?

OK, here’s the situation.  You are an admin on a page.  Maybe your posts were showing up and now suddenly they are not or maybe you can never get them to show up.  I am an admin on several Facebook pages for clients so this has happened to me several times and each time I have to remind myself how I fixed the problem.  Here’s how to do it.


Section One

Basically, there are two things that have to be synced up to make that happen.  But first, let’s clarify an often overlooked detail of the Facebook page.  At the top left of a FB page, there is a link option.



These two links give you two ways to view the page:

  1. You can select the page name and view only posts made under the name of that page (in this case, it’s posts made by “TINtero WORKSHOP & GALLERY.”  A post made under that name can be made by ANY administrator of that page.
  2. Or, to the right of that, you can select “Everyone (Most Recent).”  This allows you to see the page posts as well as any posts made by visitors.
Section Two

Most page sites default to only showing posts made by that page (not by visitors wanting to say, “Hey, your store is cool!”).  This is what I recommend as it helps to control spam and to keep the focus on what the page owners want to promote.  But, it’s nice to have the option to view what other people are posting to the wall of the page.  But, viewing posts by only the page versus posts by everyone is an option that you can set.  It can be changed by any administrator at any time.  It’s not uncommon for a curious admin person to switch this on or off thinking they are helping by showing more posts that have been hidden.  You would change it here:

  1. First go to “Edit Page” towards the upper right of the page.
  2. Click on “Manage Permissions.”
  3. For “Wall Tab Shows,” select “only Posts By Page.”
  4. Hit “Save Changes” button.

Now, when someone goes to your Page wall, they will default to seeing only post made by that page.  But, they can still get to the posts on the wall made by others by clicking the link I described in Section One.


Section Three

Each admin gets an individual choice whether or not to post on a page that they administrate as themselves or as the page.  In our example, on the TINtero Page, when I post, I have a choice to post as myself (Sean Wells) or as TINtero.  My brother and I have been swapping back and forth on whether we want to post as ourselves or as TIntero.  It was homey to post as ourselves, but the way Facebook is set up now, I recommend all admins post as the page and that the wall defaults to showing only posts made by that page.  This really locks down what is showing on your page and gives a clean, consistent, professional look.  But, it’s important to remember you are posting as a representative of the page organization, so don’t assume anyone knows who is posting what.  It helps to think of yourself as an entity of the organization instead of an individual.  Anyway, here’s where to set that:

  1. First go to “Edit Page” towards the upper right of the page.
  2. Click on “Your Settings.”
  3. For “Posting Preferences,” check on.
  4. Hit “Save Changes” button.

If the check box is selected, then any post made by you will appear to come from the page.

If you had your page set to default to showing posts by the page (as opposed to everyone) AND your administrator that is having the problem is posting to the page as himself/herself (as opposed to posting as the page), then their posts were posting, but only appearing if someone selected to see everyones posts.

In summary, I recommend setting everything in the following manner:

  1. “Manage Permissions” > “Wall Tab Shows” > select “Only Posts By Page.”  Save.
  2. “Your Settings” > “Posting Preferences” > select check box on.  Save.

This should correct the problem and optimize your page for maximum clarity.  This isn’t a WP post, but I find this basic Facebook functionality essential to good WP promotion.


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